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Au Santé D8 Vape Cartridges offer you a convenient, discreet way to enjoy the relaxation, mood elevation, and mellow euphoria of delta-8-THC. Derived from hemp, delta-8-THC is similar to delta-9-THC (the psychoactive compound found in cannabis), but its unique chemical structure produces a milder effect than delta-9, preventing users from experiencing an overwhelming high or cannabis-induced anxiety. Whether you’re chilling at home or on the go, our D8 Vape Carts offer a gentle high that will enhance your well-being.

Our D8 Vape Cartridges:

– Uplift mood and diminish stress

– Soothe aches and pains

– Promote mild feelings of euphoria

Product Details:

– Derived from select hemp cultivated in the USA

– Lab-tested to ensure purity and potency

Recommended Usage:

Please store in a cool, dry place away from light. Keep away from children.

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